Make the TPP texts public

Make the TPP texts public so that we can work towards a fair deal or no deal at all

Prime Minister Abbott
I am deeply concerned that you are negotiating a secret trade deal that will undermine the rights of the Australian community and put big corporate profits before the public interest.
The Trans Pacific Partnership (TPP) - is the biggest trade deal in Australia’s history.
We know from a recent leak of the TPP Intellectual Property (IP) Chapter, that you’re about to trade away access to affordable medications – a move that would affect every Australian.
We know from other leaks the TPP covers everything from giving America the right to put Australian internet users under surveillance, to giving multinational companies the rights to sue governments using dangerous Investor-State Dispute Settlement (ISDS) clauses.  This agreement could place at risk human rights, public health, the environment, climate, internet freedom, privacy, labour rights, food labelling and more.
Despite its wide ranging impacts, the TPP is being negotiated in total secrecy. Few people, even within the negotiating countries' governments, have access to the draft agreement and the public have been completely shut out. It’s unacceptable that large corporations have been able to see portions of the text, and lobby to effect changes, while the public at large gets no say.
Deals this big can’t be kept secret.  We have to improve transparency around trade negotiation in this country.
We are calling on the Government to make the TPP texts public so that we can work towards a fair deal or no deal at all.
Secrecy is no way to trade.

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