Tax reform starts at the top

Tax reform starts at the top, not the bottom.

Greens Tax Policies

Two years ago, the Greens announced our plan for progressive taxation for superannuation contributions which would raise on average $3 billion in revenue per year - and make our super system fairer.

We have also campaigned for reform to negative gearing. We are pleased to see media reports that the Turnbull Government is considering our reforms, but we need action. The current system benefits the top 10 per cent of personal tax payers. Reform (which protects existing investments) could raise $4 billion in revenue each year over the next decade.

The Greens have also proposed a number of other reforms to the Capital Gains Tax and Fuel Tax Credits which could generate billions of dollars and make the tax system fairer.

The Greens believe that the Turnbull Government's budget should tackle unfair tax breaks and secure the country's revenue base.

Will you sign up for real tax reform?