Join the Take the Power Back campaign

Join the Take the Power Back campaign

In July 2014, climate sceptic Tony Abbott and billionaire coal miner Clive Palmer tore down our price on pollution which was working to bring down emissions.

In October 2014, they passed the Direct Action ‘climate policy’ which will give billions to big polluters without reducing emissions at all.

It’s time we got out there and started talking about what’s at stake if Palmer and Abbott are allowed to continue their path of destruction.

It’s time to Take the Power Back.

In the coming months, we’ll be doorknocking in neighbourhoods, phone-banking in Greens’ offices, writing letters to the editor and calling politicians.

We’ll be talking about the importance of clean, affordable energy and a safe climate future and how we can work together to achieve that.

It’s never been more important to talk to people so that together we can pressure the Abbott government to listen to the experts and all Australians who want a liveable climate future.

Join the Greens’ Take the Power Back campaign.

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