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It's time to clean up politics. 

It’s time to get money out of parliament, and to establish a national corruption watchdog to clean up politics.

Recent revelations of misuse of political entitlements make it clear that anti-corruption measures at a federal level are inadequate. 

Every State now has an anti-corruption commission. The Federal government is now the only jurisdiction without the infrastructure to confront corruption. Every time wrongdoing is exposed, one-off reviews or ad-hoc investigations are launched.

We need a permanent commission to prevent corruption occurring and investigate claims as they arise. The Greens already have a bill to establish a National ICAC before before the Parliament -- now the Labor and Liberal parties just need to support it. 

Among other integrity measures, the bill would establish a new Office of the Independent Parliamentary Adviser to advise MPs and Ministers on entitlements claims and the ethical running of their office that the public rightly expects. The adviser will also be tasked with developing a legally binding code of conduct for MPs for the Parliament to adopt. 

We urgently need a National ICAC to oversee anti-corruption measures at a federal level in the same way that state ICACs do.

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