Fight for the Bight


Fight for the bight!


By the end of next week, BP could have approval to drill for oil in our precious Great Australian Bight.

The entire South Australian coast, Victoria, WA, Tasmania and NSW are all in the firing line if BP have a Gulf of Mexico style disaster in the Great Australian Bight.The environmental and economic impact of a spill on the marine life, fisheries and tourism industry of South Australia would be absolutely devastating.

The regulating body NOPSEMA have already delayed their decision to grant drilling rights to BP thanks to public pressure - but only by 10 days. Now, more than ever, is the time to #FIGHTFORTHEBIGHT.

Please sign and share this petition to NOPSEMA asking them to SAY NO to BP drilling in The Great Australian Bight.


I am extremely concerned about BP's proposal to drill for oil in The Great Australian Bight. As illustrated in the devastating Gulf of Mexico spill, BP has a questionable environmental record and are ill-equipped to deal with another environmental disaster. I write to ask you in the strongest terms possible to deny BP permission to conduct offshore drilling explorations in our precious and irreplaceable Great Australian Bight. The risks are just too big.

Kind regards,