Democracy For Sale

Democracy For Sale

We need urgent reform of Australia's political donations system.

The Greens want:

  • A ban on for-profit donations, especially from corrupting industries like fossil fuels
  • Increased transparency
  • Real-time online disclosure

Political donations around the country from some of the most damaging industries have skyrocketed.

That’s why the Greens are working to ban donations from mining companies, property developers, big tobacco, alcohol and gambling industries. We’re also calling for a National ICAC to stamp out corruption across Australia.

Large donors now have privileged access to ministers and MPs, and major decisions are made to benefit polluters, property developers, and big business. Around the country, from ICAC's corruption revelations in NSW to the gutting of climate change policy which lets big polluters off the hook, we can see the impact of big business donations.

We can see it in overdevelopment and in the tax breaks and subsidies we give miners.

We can see it in government decisions to advance the interests of big miners over local communities in Maules Creek, Gloucester, and the Liverpool Plains.

We can see it in the failure of the Rudd, Gillard, Abbott and Turnbull governments to take on pokies reform.

And we can see it in the $61 million that the likes of Westfield, Meriton, and other property developers have poured into Labor and the Coalition.

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